Great Jobs For Stay at Home Moms – Need Help Finding ‘Em?

Web 2.0 has been refreshing. Everything is more precise and defined on the internet. Gone are the days when the internet was limited to a few million people around the world. Today it has literally invaded our lives. So if you are looking for jobs, then you know the best place to look for it. Yes, you got it right. The internet has several sales job sites that can find you the right job within minutes. The best part about it is that it's easy and free.

Here are 5 reasons why you need an online sales job site in your career.

Many stay at home moms visit my website; most know that there are great jobs for stay at home moms out there but they need a little sorting through the junk to find the opportunity that right for them. The 3 tips below will help you to find the best job for you.
With child care costs so high these days and all the responsibilities busy moms have, 9 – 5 jobs with their rigid schedules and unsympathetic bosses would not make much sense. Working for your self lets you choose your own schedule, you can choose when to work and when not to work. Working for your self at home also lets your take care of your kids while working thereby eliminating the high child care costs.
When looking for a stay at home job one of your major considerations should be looking for a job you’re passionate about. Doing something your passionate about not only makes it more enjoyable but you will find that you are much more efficient as well.
Before you look for a job you should keep in mind how much you expect to make from that job. For example if you are expecting to make around $250/month, filling out online paid surveys would be best for you. However if you want to make more than that the best thing to do would be to look into affiliate marketing.

Anaheim Employment Agency

There are several startup guides for entrepreneurs wanting to start off online. But if you really sift through them, surprisingly, not many will really address the basic questions that actually bog the young online business beginner. I am sure, if you are a beginner, you have many questions, just as them, but all your googling might have only satisfied you partly. Those petty basic questions are left out of e-books and these are exactly the things you want to know more about.

For a savvy business person reading this article, the questions might appear pretty silly; but don't make a mistake, these are actually raised by youngsters hoping to step into the world of online business. The questions are asked by persons who don't know of a thing, persons who have done a little bit of research online but are still undecided; but all of them have a common dream of making it online.

1. What online business can I start? (Similar questions include: I want to start an online business, can someone suggest ideas? Is dating website a saturated niche?) These are young things that are sucked by those bombastic one-page websites screaming about how anyone can make a million dollars every month. I would rather suggest them to identify their interest areas; perhaps in consultation with their relatives and friends, analyze their skills and suitability and finally the longevity of the idea itself for the next 20-25 years. The longevity is critical even if your business was to explode and be able to make big money in a short while and you can afford to sell/close it down. Any business niche must have a proven market base, either existing or capable of being cultivated, the amount of initial and recurring investment needed, the time it takes to break even must be considered before you decide on a line of business as a teenager.

2. How can I start an online business that is cheap and easy to run without any hard work and gives money? This aspiration is against the very definition and spirit emphasized by the word 'Business' and doesn't exist at all. If you aren't prepared to slog out consistently for years, probably, you can give up your business ambitions and take up a high paying employment. But mind you, a high paying job is only slightly different from own business in terms of work volume meaning that you can't relax on the job there too.

3. I already have a website. I want somebody to advice me how to start an online business. This is a peculiar question that drives you crazy the first time over. But look at that asker; she/he may not be net savvy, let alone being a person with business acumen. Man, you need to have a polished business concept with clearly defined revenue streams. Your business niche must have proven its potential unless you are creating something new. This question rather sounds similar to the first one and my answer to this asker is to have the website only after prerequisites are set in place. When you are ready for a website, a whole new lot of questions pose for answer so it can't be the reverse way as you did.

4. Trying to start an online business; how do I get my domain onto sites like eBay or yahoo for more people to see? Well, you need more visitors to your website for success and one way to do this is developing a bank of hyperlinks to your site while it is always great to have hyperlinks from great sites like eBay and Yahoo! Try Geo cities for Yahoo which is also called Yahoo! Small Business. Try publishing articles in article directories which let you leave a signature back link to your website in return. This strategy multiplies as a showcase of your expertise on your business niche.

5. How am I supposed to charge tax when giving a buyer a discount on my online business? This is a question your tax planner can answer better. Most US states have differing taxation policies and rates for your customers will differ accordingly and you will be required to file tax returns individually for each state. Rather wisdom calls for not collecting online tax at all, wherever the law provides for it.

6. Do I need to incorporate my business and have a dedicated office space? This is a subjective question. If you are alone and starting small, your home can suffice as your office till you grow out. But even during this time, you can no doubt incorporate your

however small or big it is, which is always wise.

Many of these and other questions aren't silly but are great challenges to these people. Unfortunately, at least, some of them loose out owing to the shortage of good counseling or material online. Even the existing material is hard to search by as they get buried below the tons of dilute, self centric and pompous sites that shine by fly-by-wire optimization techniques.

Employment agencies play a great role in providing job seekers a challenging new career, or a company looking for experienced staffing professional with talented candidates. The agencies are capable enough to provide a combination of specialized practices with ideal staffing specialists and innovative recruiting techniques.
The employment agencies of the city of Anaheim provide temporary services for Project Staffing, Seasonal Staffing, Short/Long Term Needs, or Emergency Staffing. Some of the agencies directly hire professionals on Full-Time, Career Placement or Permanent Placement basis. The employers are served with only the best candidates after certain procedures of pre-screening and reference checking. The recruiters in Anaheim work in the organization to gather information regarding the industry and corporate culture in order to prepare a detailed report of the position and candidate matching to this position. This practice of the recruiters helps the employers access the right candidate willing to work for competitors. The recruiting agency ensures the satisfaction of both parties and monitors the progress of new employees.
offer Contract-to-Hire programs to the organizations seeking the ultimate in control and cost-effectiveness. This program integrates the swiftness and flexibility of Temporary Staffing services with the power of our Direct Hire recruitment services. Some recruiting agencies offer Payroll Services to assess candidate prior to making a hiring commitment; to determine the salary that meets the specific requirements of a candidate and to staff special projects. The agencies in Anaheim have already started the Managed Staffing Program in order to yield fruitful results in cost control, quality and productivity.
The agencies work in a team to discover the talents and start negotiating with the candidate. The agencies post the information regarding various jobs on their website so that job seekers can get the very best opportunity with much ease. A candidate can apply to various jobs by referring to those portals. The recruiter on the other end studies the applications and sends those to the original employer for further process. The employer then shortlists selected candidates and gives a response regarding the interview.
is providing online information to the job seekers and job hunters. Being an experienced job provider and having a wide range of client relations they provide jobs for candidates all over Anaheim. KoreOne has designed the best human resource services for all the hiring companies up to their requirements. KoreOne has been providing a wide ranges of IT jobs, technical as well as non technical jobs for the Anaheim residents. Discovering the best talents for employers and best employer for the best candidates are the key focus of the KoreOne recruiting strategy.

How to Find a Job Fast!

Finding an online tutor jobs is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in the field of education. These kinds of professions are available on the internet for anyone around the world to earn their living, and with the increase in technology, these kinds of jobs are becoming even more commonplace. They are fairly simple, and allow you to make a ton of money in your spare time.

The idea of online tutoring is fairly a new idea. If you have students in your neighborhood or any where around the world, you can take up an online tutor job to attract them. The best part of online tutor jobs is that it can be availed by anyone at any point of time. Even if you have not worked as a tutor, it is fairly simple to get started if you have those teaching skills. Remember, you've already graduated, and if you feel like your skills need touching up, work with younger children first and work your way up to high school level. It will all come back to you eventually.

These jobs give much flexibility to students as well as to the teachers. Students do not have to learn and study under pressure if they know that help is always available. They can learn as and when they are comfortable. You can make your own schedule to study. The best part for the student to study under an online tutor is that you have the best teachers, interesting teaching methods and flexibility of time. This will make you love your studies. While these services are mostly appreciated by students in the United States, many European and Asian countries are joining in. The advantage of online tutor jobs is that the students get the best quality of education. The teachers are mostly from India and Asian countries, though there are some companies who will hire anyone, regardless of location, and will pay fairly well for your services. They are the best and much qualified teachers around the world and more dedicated towards this profession.

There are many jobs available on the internet. There are classes conducted by professional tutors. There are also classes for particular subjects' conducted by proficient online teachers. Some tutors hold degrees and diplomas in specific fields of study, while others have only a high school diploma. These teachers can be availed by students by paying some amount as fee either on a daily basis or on a monthly basis.

What these jobs do is increase the quality of education around the globe, and help to unite all nations in the global campaign for knowledge and intelligence. It spreads the good quality education across the world. Depending on the company, these positions are also called as Cyber educational jobs.

Online tutor jobs help regular school teachers earn some extra money after school. Some school teachers take up this job to guide their students after school as only limited time is available in school. They provide assistance to their students in writing essays, articles, research papers and other literature papers. There are many web sites available that provide these positions, and will allow you to use their software and interface to work with your clients. To avail jobs all you have to do is learn a little about freelance employment and do a search on a website that provides information about companies who are hiring. So get qualified and start earning!

There are times when it’s not a matter of finding the best job, but finding a job period, and finding it fast. Those types of times are upon us, and using the usual means of sending your cover letter and resume out don’t work if you need something quickly. So here are some tips on what you can do when you need to land a job like yesterday.
The first secret to finding a job quickly is to understand that starting at the beginning doesn’t work, we need to tap into already existing circumstances in order to do it quickly.
One way that works is to look at the networks you already have; whether professional or personal. Many times these networks aren’t really tapped that often or even thought of as networks because they may be people you just hang out with in general, or professional ties you connect with to let of some steam, etc.
But when it comes to finding a job quickly, forget about anything but letting people know you’re looking for a job and that you’re willing to work at just about anything to get it.
Remember, you’re trying to get a job in a very difficult market. That requires lowering expectations in order to survive until things turn around.
The key point it to identify networks you already have and don’t assume they don’t have any value in job hunting. Anyone has the potential to know about a job available somewhere. Just start asking and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities start to turn up.
If you’re too fussy at a time like this, then in reality, you’re really not trying to get hired quickly, you’re acting like we’re in a normal hiring environment, which we’re not. So you must be flexible in this type of economic situation, and if you’re not, you’re going to end up having to be one way or the other. Better to do it right away than be brought to the place of having absolutely no option but to take the first thing that comes your way.
How about your neighbors
If you have had some contact with neighbors, they can make an excellent source of information for possible job openings. They also talk to one another a lot, so if you ask one about it, they can spread the word around the neighborhood and you’re sure to get a hit quickly.
Local pals
We tend to put our net way too far at times we’re looking for jobs, and if we have the time to do that, it works great, but when we need a job quick, local is probably the best place to spread the word.
So any of your friends can be sources for job opportunities, and don’t fail to let them know you’re looking. Almost all of this is about communication, and the more you communicate locally, the better chances at getting a job quick.
Organizational Ties
Most of us belong to some type of organization or another; whether church or what have you, and there are a lot of people you can let know that you are job hunting, and that can very quickly generate legitimate job possibilities in a hurry.
Just get the word of mouth going and get out of the way.
Former managers or supervisors
Assuming you’re on good terms with former bosses, they are a great source for job openings; not only for where they work, but they are always in contact with other businesses and managers that are looking for people. You never know, if you left on good terms with them, they offer you a job then and there.
Let your fingers do the walking
Yes, the yellow pages are still around, and they offer up plenty ideas of jobs you can look for. Remember, local will provide you a job much quicker than national searches, so look through the businesses to find places you can contact immediately.
This one almost always works
I’ve had to apply this strategy to my job searches in the past when I was getting desperate, and that’s to go to a local mall and start applying.
Many times you don’t have to go store to store, but can find an answer desk where any store in the mall that is looking for workers has that information available.
While that’s what I would try first, I would still try individual stores if there’s not much there, as many stores don’t immediately post job opportunities, and so you could walk into one without any competition to battle for the job.
This can be one of the fastest ways to get a job if you are getting right down to it.
Online job searches
You would have thought I would have listed this first, but with needing a job quickly, the Internet, in many cases, is much slower to respond, and you may have to go through many hoops to get something.
So because the parameters we’re talking about is securing a job quickly, we can’t rely on the Internet for that.
Now having said that, I would still put out my application, but I would it in conjunction with my local networks and searches. If you don’t you’ll find yourself getting deeper in financial trouble waiting for an online opening or response, which probably is the most competitive and time consuming out there.
Follow these numerous strategies and you should be able to get a job quickly and start bringing in some much needed income.

Employment Strategies – The Hidden Workforce

In your Personal Injury Claim, your witness statement is a document that will be used as your evidence-in-chief.

Your witness statement will effectively tell your version of events, and give you the opportunity to have your say in Court without having to go through the events again in the witness box.

However, there is more to a witness statement than a written note of everything that has happened. It is a formal, structured document that must adhere to certain standards to be valid.

If your case goes to Court, then you will be questioned on your witness statement by the other side and asked to expand on certain issues. This will be done in the witness box, before a judge, so that the Judge can hear your comments and build their understanding of your claim.

It is important that your witness statement is highly detailed as it will serve as an opportunity for you to go through the entirety of your claim in a single document. Anything not included will be given less weight or influence should your claim go to Court.

Every single witness statement should:

Your witness statement should '

of your accident and recovery and the effect this has had on your life and those around you.

You must remember that you will have personal knowledge of the events covered by your statement. The Judge will not. Therefore, it is important that you cover all of the necessary background and subsequent events. Your aim should be to get your side of the story across to the Judge. To do this, your statement needs to be structured with all the events described in chronological order and clear language. A statement which does not cover the material in chronological sequence or uses long-winded language is likely to confuse.

It is common for people to feel that, as the witness statement is a legal document, it should be full of long words and rambling sentences. This is not the case. You must draft your statement using clear language; this means that you should not use any over-elaborate words or flowery language.

A sentence that reads

is far preferable to


When drafting your Witness Statement, you should make sure it contains certain information. Most personal injury witness statements can fit into a set pattern that is straight forward to follow and will be detailed below.

The use of subheadings is encouraged as it makes reading long statements much easier as the information is broken down and easy to spot.

Your statement should contain the following headings:

Under this heading, you will describe the physical mechanics of your accident. You should explain step by step how your accident happened, as well as what happened immediately afterwards, with as much detail as you can recall. If you cannot remember certain points in time then say so, do not include information that comes from someone else.

For example, if you suffered a fall but do not recall what happened immediately following your fall then say so. Explain that you were dazed by the fall and cannot remember what happened, state that your next clear memory is of X. Do not say that your partner who was there when you fell says that X, Y & Z happened immediately after your fall. Your partner can make their statement and say this themselves.

Under this heading, you should also state why you feel the Defendant was at fault, why they caused your accident.

This heading should detail what injury you have suffered. Be sure to include all your injuries even if you feel they are insignificant; this includes any psychological injuries you have suffered. Remember the more detail you add, the stronger your case will be.

If you have suffered multiple injuries, then you can use bullet points to make this nice and clear.

If possible, you should state how long it took you to recover from the injury or if you have not recovered at the time of writing the statement

This section should detail your treatment. This will probably be the largest part of your statement, as you will have to provide details of each and every appointment you attended for your injury. You should include details such as:

Under this heading you will talk about the amount of help, care and assistance you needed after your accident. You should include as much detail as you can, make sure to include detail about what care/help you needed and why also name who provided this care/assistance to you and how long it took them each day/week to provide this. For example, you could say,

If the person who provided care and assistance to you is willing, it would be helpful if they did a supporting witness statement, detailing the care and support they provided to you. They should give as much detail as possible, regarding what jobs/tasks they carried out, how often this was done and how long it took them.

Under this section, you need to provide details regarding how much time you had to take off work and whether you received sick pay for this time. If your sick pay was less than your regular take home wage, you need to be specific about how much income you lost.

You should also use this heading to discuss how much money you had to spend on medicines, aids and other items that you would not have bought but for your accident.

You should provide evidence for any claim you make about finical losses; evidence can include copies of your wage slips, or receipts/invoices for items. These can be attached to your witness statement as exhibits.

Under this heading, you should provide details regarding your injury's impact on your way of life. Did it stop you from pursuing your hobbies, going on holiday, spending time with your kids/grandkids? Did it impact on your relationship with your family, friends or significant other? Did it impact on your sex life? You need to seriously consider the effect your injury has had on you and include as much detail as possible.

You should now have an understanding of what a witness statement is, what it is designed to accomplish and how to put one together.

Are you attracting the best employees to your workforce? Do you have a well developed plan to seek out and attract the highest caliber of prospective employees, and if so, are you overlooking a very large and growing source of quality recruits?
The number of articles appearing in the news in recent years alluding to the scarcity of qualified workers seems to grow every week. Companies are spending a significant amount of money trying to attract, hire, train and retain a quality workforce. They advertise in newspapers, hold job fairs, hire employment services, saturate the online job banks and canvas the universities, but are you neglecting a highly qualified and experienced pool of workers who are right in front of you?
As your business grows, creating new openings, and as older workers retire, it is getting harder and harder to attract those valued recruits. The competition is stiff and the temptation to switch employers grows as salaries and signing bonuses rise. It seems the pool of capable and experienced workers is shrinking, lengthening the recruitment periods, extending the time it takes to get a new hire up to speed, and increasing the percentage of employees who simply can’t perform to your expectations. But in fact, there is a qualified pool of employable workers out there, and they’re hiding in plain sight.
I’m talking about those workers out there over 40. They comprise a very large and highly skilled group of workers who are still capable of contributing in the workplace for many more years. They come from every field, every size company, every product line, and they’re looking for work. Unfortunately very few employers have a plan to attract and hire these individuals. No one will admit it outright, but they actually have a strict tendency to avoid this resource altogether. You want workers with a strong ethic. You want loyal workers who will show up every day, on time, and contribute to the health of your organization. You want knowledgeable workers with a diverse background and a wealth of experience. You want workers who will hit the floor running and produce results from day one. Yet, you recruit the younger demographic who more often than not, are substantially lacking in many of these areas.
We all know the reasons: the older sector costs too much, they take too much time off, won’t learn new skills, don’t stay on the job that long, take too many sick days, and they are not that eager to accept change. These reasons, however, are myths in most cases and with a little planning; an older worker can be a valuable asset to your organization.
Most of these older workers have a long and well documented track record. It is a simple task to determine how well they have performed, if they have kept up to date with the latest technology, how they have contributed to the success of their previous employer, what their attendance record is, and what level of loyalty they possess. Yet we dismiss this evidence without much thought, compete aggressively for the younger worker, and grouse if they turn out to be less than what was expected.
Those older workers whom we believe can’t or won’t learn new skills know exactly what you think of them. They came to the realization a long time ago that in today’s competitive market, the need to keep up to date is paramount. Remember, they’ve been around a while, they’ve seen the days of working for the same employer until retirement go by the wayside, and they’ve seen their years of loyalty and hard work rewarded with forced retirements and meager raises. They’ve seen their picture of retirement fade into obscurity as today’s economy forces them to work farther into their “golden” years and they’ve accepted the fact that to make it to that ever moving finish line they will need to remain competitive in their field.
As for not staying on the job that long, statistics actually show that older workers remain on the job nearly twice as long as younger ones. The younger worker knows all too well that employers are competing fiercely for their skills. They too have come to realize that the day will come when they will be squeezed out of the workforce and have taken the attitude that loyalty is no guarantee for the future and, therefore, are always on the lookout for that “better” opportunity. All workers have become aware that they have much more leverage if they leave on their own, rather than waiting until they have been released, for whatever reason, and as a result today’s culture views job hopping as a perfectly acceptable means to furthering one’s career. So by hiring, or better yet, retaining that older worker you have effectively secured a loyal employee who knows it’s tough to find another good job at this point in life and is much more willing to do what it takes to stay on.
Attendance records are better for older workers than younger ones. Older workers have seen what poor attendance does to your chances for advancement. Time tends to make us creatures of habit, but one habit worth keeping is that of getting up in the morning and going to work. Older workers have been doing it for years and tend to do it without forethought.
Probably the most common barrier to hiring the older worker is the mindset that older workers are too rigid in their ways and are not willing or capable of adapting. The older worker has been on the job for long time and as a result has seen many new approaches come and go, they’ve seen them succeed and they’ve seen them fail. Because they’ve seen many of these failures they often will be more likely to question the validity of change, but don’t forget, they’ve seen what works as well. They are not rigid because they reject change outright, but are merely skeptical of the reasoning involved. They can accept change as readily as younger workers, provided the grounds for change are valid and explained. The irony is that we want our staff to use good judgment and to continually look for possible pitfalls and strive to prevent them from occurring, yet when they question our rationale, we label them rigid or unwilling to change. By keeping older workers involved and informed, as we should do with all our employees, they will not only be more flexible, but can be willing agents of change.
It is true that more vacation time, pensions, and health care in some instances is more costly for older workers, but these costs are often offset by the lower turnover among this class. Conversely, the higher turnover of younger workers is realized in significant costs to recruit, hire and train them.
When hiring a younger worker you anticipate the negative possibilities that can arise if you don’t train, mentor, and manage them properly. In an effort to minimize this risk we have many programs in place to grow these workers into experienced reliable team players. Why should we not afford our aging workers the same attention? Instead of looking for reasons to replace them, we should be finding ways to hire and keep them.
If hiring on an older worker still seems too risky, take advantage of those low risk or nonbinding hiring options. By using an employment agency you can easily “try out” prospective employees. These agencies will do all the leg work for you from background and reference checks to interviewing and salary negotiations. If you are not satisfied, you are not obligated to keep them on, simply have the agency find you another and try that recruit for a while. This option not only gives you an out, but removes the direct burden of vacation, healthcare, pension and other benefit costs.
Another great option is the myriad of independent consulting firms in your area. A large percentage of these companies can provide tailor made support and services at reasonable costs. Again, like the employment agencies, these contracted services are a write off, allow you to discontinue the services if you are not satisfied and remove the training and benefit costs associated with direct hires.
There is a wealth of knowledge at our doorstep, a vast resource of experienced and capable employees who can hit the ground running and positively impact your bottom line. You should be developing plans to attract and retain these workers, and not just because there are profits to be made, but because it is the right thing to do.

Teen Job Search Tip – Try Harder Than Your Competition!

Many job hunters still believe that the streets of Dubai are paved with gold. This may be true to some extent - Dubai is a tax free haven where net income is typically much higher than in other parts of the world. Even so, securing employment is not always easy. Approximately 80% of the population in Dubai consists of foreigners and competition for desired employment positions can be fierce. It is best to have an offer in hand from a company before traveling to Dubai. Of course this may not always be possible and there are certain advantages to traveling Dubai in hopes of finding a job as opposed to searching from one's home country. For example, many employers will give preference to hiring someone actually in Dubai (and thus available for an interview), rather than having to endure the extra hassle and risk of hiring someone sight unseen. However, there is no guarantee of landing a job before expiration of one's visa, making a bit of luck and local contacts invaluable in the process.

Once a job seeker has secured a position, a contract will be signed and the employer will act as the sponsor. The contract should include basic salary, job title and description, length of the contract, and termination conditions among other things. It is vital to negotiate a good package including salary, housing, and school fees if the employee has children. Other allowances may include coverage for medical, transportation, utilities, and / or annual vacation with an airplane ticket to one's home country. (The law stipulates that companies must provide a vacation / airplane ticket at least every two years). Each company is different and packages will vary. The work week also varies from company to company with some working straight shift and some working split shift (with a few hours break in the middle of the day).

The sponsor should handle all paperwork required by the government for foreign workers, including getting the employee an employment visa, health card, and labor card. A company's PRO (Public Relations Officer) will typically handle the logistics, ensuring all paperwork arrives at the necessary government offices for approval. First an employee's application is approved by the Ministry of Labor, then the employee undergoes a health screening, and finally all relevant documents are transferred to the Ministry of Interior who stamp the residence visa in the employee's passport. Employment visas are valid for a maximum of three years although they are renewable. In general, expatriate workers are not granted UAE citizenship or permanent residency. The Dubai government has taken steps to drive Emiratization of the workforce (stipulating that a fixed percentage of workers in certain industries must be UAE nationals and that all companies having 100 or more employees must hire UAE nationals as their PRO and/or Human Relations Manager). However, it is still believed that expatriate employees will make up a major part of the workforce in the UAE for years to come.

For those hoping to find jobs in Dubai, there are various avenues to take. There are several recruitment agencies with good reputations available to assist job hunters in their quest for employment, including long-standing companies such as Claredon Parker and Kershaw Leonard. As there are many recruitment agencies in operation, it is always advisable to do some research into their reputation and methods before using their services. Unfortunately it is not an uncommon occurrence for job seekers from poorer nations to drain their entire life savings paying unscrupulous agents from their home countries who falsely promise visas and jobs. Fortunately, recruitment agencies in the UAE are regulated and must be licensed, so the potential for scams in the UAE itself is greatly reduced.

For those who choose to search online there is also a wealth of options and information available. Some excellent resources include employment sites such as or, directories such as, as well as free online classifieds sites.

If you are a newbie to the job search ranks, finding a job during an economic downturn can be a challenge. With little or no job search experience, how do you compete? To achieve success, try harder than your competition! Many times it is sheer effort that will set a successful teen job seeker apart from the crowd. Think about it: how many of your friends go that extra measure to the jobs that are out there? Here are some tips that will help you succeed:
Your cell phone voice mail message should be clear, short, and professional. When you record your message, there should be no background noise. Make sure you speak your first and last name slowly and clearly. Always remove the call waiting music off your cell phone while you are looking for work; an employer will probably not appreciate your taste in music!
Google your name and find out what employers can find out about you before you apply for the job. Clean up your online profiles and pics. What is posted about you online should demonstrate to an employer that you are trustworthy, honest, and responsible. If your postings do not show that, you need to take them off the internet.
Go early in the morning to put in applications and follow up with employers. When you report before 9:00 Am, you are sending a message to the employer that you are out of bed early and ready to work. Most of your competition will roll out of bed around noon and put in their applications after lunch – by then you will have already filled out an application, left a resume, and contacted the manager about the position.
Trying harder than your competition works! There are always job opportunities for those individuals who have a good work ethic and make an extra effort in their job search.

Legit Online Jobs – Quit Your Job and Work From Home

Do you get stuck on how to start or end your cover letter - so much so that you decide to send your resume without it? Well, there is no more need to fret. Below are sample cover-letter starters and endings for you to use when writing your letter.


Sample #1: I am a dependable, quality-focused professional with a consistent record of meeting and exceeding employer requirements. As I am currently seeking new employment opportunities, I would like to present my resume for your review and consideration.

Sample #2: I am writing to express my interest in your current opening for a ; therefore, please allow me to submit my resume for your review. Having served in sales and operational leadership roles for the past 10 years, with continued success in meeting business/operational goals, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your organization's future projects and initiatives.

Sample #3: I noted your advertisement for a with a great deal of interest, as your candidate description appears to be an excellent match for my background and skills. Therefore, I have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.

Sample #4: I am a highly motivated employee with a consistent record of going the extra mile to meet corporate objectives. As I am currently seeking new employment opportunities, I would like to present my resume for your review and consideration.

Sample #5: I am a conscientious, organized professional with a 15+ year career and a consistent record of meeting employers' requirements and goals. As I am currently seeking new employment opportunities, I would like to present my resume for your review and consideration.


Sample #1: I will contact you within the week to follow up on this letter of inquiry. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I need to furnish you with additional documentation. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample #2: My resume is enclosed to provide you with additional details regarding my technical/supervisory skills and achievements. I would welcome the opportunity for an interview with your organization. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample #3: My resume contains additional details regarding my career accomplishments. I would welcome an opportunity for a personal interview to discuss your organization's needs and the results you can expect from me in addressing those needs. And I thank you in advance for your time and review of my qualifications.

Sample #4: To provide you with details concerning my qualifications and accomplishments, my resume is enclosed. I will contact you next week to follow up on this letter of inquiry; perhaps we could arrange a meeting to discuss our mutual interests. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample #5: Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials. I hope you feel a personal meeting would be beneficial; I am available at your convenience. If you have any questions or when you are ready to schedule an interview - please give me a call.

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Employers – How to Search Resumes on Craigslist to Find Qualified Candidates

Realistically, once you have a solid foundation with a well done resume and cover letters you can focus on getting interviews and acing interviews. But first, having a successful follow up system can be a big help so your efforts can be maximized. Remember hiring managers and recruiters are busy folks out of necessity, so a reliable system like this can reap big rewards.   First send out a thank you letter promptly after each and every interview. Then in your MS Outlook calendar with built in alarms for appointments log in a follow up date two weeks from the day you sent out the thank you letter. 

Write both these actions down in your job hunting log with the date. When the follow up alarm sounds, simply write and send a professional follow up email, letter or call preferably with your interviewer. Repeat the same actions for your second interview as needed. Log all these actions in your job hunt log. When you are chasing down multiple opportunities, all your actions will be properly coordinated. More importantly the job hunting log is ideal to make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Now about those resumes and cover letters, avoid sending them addressed to the HR Department please.  Simply log onto LinkedIn and use the people search feature, company search feature or search your existing network. A good approach to being unique and different would be simply to ask yourself how you would like to be approached if you were in management. Think of the whole hiring process as a test of your intelligence.

What if you studied a few LinkedIn profiles of management at your targeted companies, you might notice things you have in common like a passion for golf. It may then be obvious you will have a leg up on the competition after all. Fortunately, people still hire people not computers or the internet. One goal you want to stay focused on constantly is getting in front of people each and every day. The more you make that happen, the greater your chances are for success.

Which cover letter will be better received? One that contains an invitation to play a round of golf and the usual necessities  or one that states you need a job, you have qualifications x, y and z? Consider doing a little bit of routine investigation like this to differentiate yourself from the crowd. We call it bottom up marketing in the sales and marketing field. Knowing your audience is critical to being well received for sales, marketing and advertising efforts right?   Why should it be any different for job hunters?

On the subject of targeted resumes, let us say you had in mind three ideal career targets as goals. Who do you think would have more success and get hired faster: Sam who uses one all purpose resume and cover letter to target multiple positions or Aaron who uses three different targeted resumes to target three different positions? While content may still be king, it is only important if your audience thinks it is.

 Do you think having an impressive number of contacts and recommendations on LinkedIn is good for employers to see? If you worked on all these suggestions and found time to do it by eliminating TV for a few weeks would you see some impressive results? You can bank on it.

If you are a small business owner who needs to hire new employees, you may consider posting a “now hiring,” sign in your window or placing a job posting online. This is a good idea, but, with the high rate of unemployment, you are likely to get many applicants. Unfortunately, most of them may be unqualified for the position. This wastes your time. Instead of reviewing hundreds of resumes and applications, use and their resume section. You can search the resumes online to find the perfect job candidates.
To perform a traditional search on Craigslist, visit the website and select your state and city. You are now on your local page. You can use the search box on the left to search resumes, but you must first change the search’s default settings to resumes. When searching, use relevant phrases. There are a wide range of resumes listed on Craigslist. You don’t want to browse hundreds of them, especially when you are looking for something in particular, such as customer service or sales representatives.
As previously stated, the traditional method of search is to visit your state and city page and then perform a search. When doing so, you search that page only. This is, honestly, the only true flaw of With the high rate of unemployment, many Americans are interested in relocating for the right job or one with the potential to grow within the company. If you can offer your employees this, target more than just your local city page. You should search resumes statewide or at least a few nearby cities. does not allow multi-city searches, but you can download a free Craigslist search tool. These tools allow you to perform nationwide, statewide, or multi-city searches.
Now that you know how to search resumes posted on Craigslist, how can you find the best job candidates? When you search with related keyword phrases, you should get tailored results. If you searched with sales, you will get a list of resumes for men or women who are seeking a sales job or have worked in sales before. Read their resumes. If you find qualified candidates, use their contact information to arrange an interview. Even if you believe you found the perfect candidate on, keep looking. Schedule a number of job interviews. Always remember that things usually look better on paper, so have a backup plan in place.
As previously stated, you can use Craigslist search tools to expand your resume search and find the perfect employee. Download the free Craigslist Reader at to get started.

Autoresponders – The Perfect Business Partners

So you are probably 16 years old or know a teenager who is currently looking for a small job so they can earn some income. How do you want to earn income? Do you want to do it online from home? Do you want a flexible job? There are tons of opportunity out there both online and offline.

Are you currently looking to start working online? There are people out there who are constantly looking to hire somebody and use their services. There are websites out there who will pay you for writing simple articles. There are people who get paid 10$ for every single page that they write! Why not start today?

It is entirely possible to start earning online - you just have to make sure that you start immediately. You can either be a freelance writer, or go to one of the many freelance writing sites on the internet and possibly register.

Whether you have software designer skills (you can teach yourself by getting macromedia and doing the instructions), writing skills, website marketing or building skills, or even basic writing skills. You can definitely start working online part-time - there is no reason why not to! There are actually stories of 12 year old who are making money on the internet with their own part-time business!

If you are a 16 year old or older looking for a job, there are constantly companies out there who are easily looking to hire you so that you can earn some side income.

Do not fall for scams! There can be scammers on Craigslist website that offer you the world, but as soon as you give them money - you will never hear from them again. Be sure to try all options before you pay.

Be sure to do something that is flexible around your schedule - this can not be emphasized enough. Remember, be smart with your money as well.

Have you ever considered paid surveys! They are an excellent option that you should try. Surveys are basically this: You get sent a survey offer, fill out little bubbles on the internet by clicking, and submit them. They will send your payment - many times through pay-pal or even mail a check to your house!

It's an incredible opportunity that you should definitely embrace immediately! Why not? Paid surveys can pay anywhere from 3$-10$ and take possibly 5-20 minutes to complete. To put it simply - they are great and flexible. Paid surveys are great because they do not have a time deadline. Some surveys and focus groups pay 100$+ for filling them out!

This is more than what most part-time students, part-time employees make in a 2 days, and you did it with a single survey! It's a great opportunity that people are starting to embrace!

Communication with customers and subscribers is vital if you are to successfully build an internet business. Trying to keep up with the non-stop flow of business-related emails into your inbox can make you feel a bit like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike trying to stem the floodwaters. Unfortunately, people (not surprisingly) expect prompt replies to their emails. Unless you can find a way to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks in the year, you will find yourself swamped and going down for the third time. An autoresponder can be your lifeboat, appearing over the horizon in answer to your distress call.
Emails are an essential part of a modern internet business for a whole range of reasons. Emails give a vital reciprocal link with your customer database. It simply isn’t possible to keep a hands-on approach to all your email communication or you will never have the time to actually run your business properly. There is always the option of employing someone to deal purely with emails but that would be a very expensive solution.
An email autoresponder is the answer. That answer immediately poses the question: “What is an autoresponder?” As the name suggests, autoresponders are set up to respond automatically with messages, reports, e-books, etc. which you have programmed into them. They will, to all intents and purposes, run part of your business for you on automatic pilot. There are many excellent examples of autoresponder software available, most are inexpensive, – some even free. This software will instantly reply to incoming mail sending out pre-prepared messages or even digital products. They can send out a sequence of follow-up emails to new customers to build that all important relationship as well as presenting a backend offer at the appropriate time.
So let us look at exactly how to use autoresponder capabilities. Autoresponders give you very easy access to your customer database. If you wish to send out a special offer or bonus to all your customers, an autoresponder can do this for you, regardless of the size of your list. By keeping your subscribers up-to-date with newsletters, new offers and so on, autoresponders can help forge a close relationship with your customers. Indeed, modern autoresponders can be programmed to perform many, many different tasks both in collecting information and disseminating it.
Autoresponders are a powerful, highly effective and indispensable marketing tool used by almost all internet marketers today. They allow us to make, and maintain contact with thousands of customers and potential customers. By constructive use of an autoresponder we can automate a major part of our business. Considering the large numbers of people that internet marketers need to communicate with on a regular basis, an autoresponder can be looked on as a personal assistant; – needing no sleep, no lunch breaks, no trips to the bathroom and no holidays. They don’t have ‘bad days’ or turn up for work worse for wear after sitting in a traffic jam for 3 hours. They are not hindered by the effects of either a cold or a hangover. They are essential in the successful running of any online business. Autoresponders are, indeed, the perfect business partners.

Sample Performance Appraisal

Wal-Mart is one of the largest employers in the United States. This means if you need a job you need to know how to fill out the Wal-Mart Online Employment Application.

However, if you want to be a manager at a Wal-Mart store, then you need to avoid the online application all together. You will want to mail your resume to the home office, and then, they may ask you to fill out an online application but only then should you fill one out.

If you are not looking for a management position you should start by visiting the Wal-Mart career website. make sure to read the legal disclaimers and all the information that pops up during the application. This will help you fill out the application correctly. Take your time and make sure you do exactly what the application is telling you to do . This is part of proving that you can follow directions well.

You will need to create a user name and a password so that if you need to get up and finish the application later you can save it and go back to it. Make sure you pick the right store locations and job positions for you and only the ones that you are most interested in. You will have to fill in your personal information including address, telephone numbers, availability, and a few references.

The Wal-Mart online employment application also requires your education information and past employment. This is pretty normal for online and off line applications for employment. Make sure you put in the correct information and you do not lie about when and where you worked because there is a good chance they will check your information. Also, be honest about why you left each position because being dishonesty will not help you at all.

A performance appraisal carried out for professional and administrative personnel and a confidential employee performance appraisal contains the names and job titles of employees and the department for which they work. It also states the names of the appraisers and their job titles. Performance appraisal sheets are normally divided into three main topics that are, evaluation or job performance area, ratings, and comments. The evaluation area comprises of various factors. These factors include job knowledge, professional competence, and managerial ability. Apart from these, productivity, quality of work, problem solving ability, communication, and initiative are also areas that need evaluation. Factors such as attitude and cooperation, personal leadership, adaptability, and self-improvement also cannot be ignored while evaluation.
Based on the appraisals, professional and administrative personnel can be rated as outstanding, excellent, acceptable, marginal, or deficient. The comments section contains improvements, suggestions, goals to be achieved, potential of employees, etc. Performance appraisals show the overall effectiveness of employees in their job performance, that is, it is a summary of all comments. Plans for professional growth is a section that supervisors and employees should develop cooperatively. This section includes additional responsibilities, management opportunities, special courses, committee assignments, etc. While evaluation, it is advisable to give examples of strengths and weaknesses of the employees as and when possible.
Confidential employee performance appraisals also contain other job requirements such as focusing on specific needs of business or needs for individual improvement, public contact, ability to stay within cost guidelines, etc. They also give a performance summary, which shows the employee’s outstanding and strongest points, employee’s shortcomings and weaknesses, and specific accomplishments and changes since last performance review. They also help in deciding goals for improvement, that is how the employee can be more effective and what additional training can be helpful.
Performance appraisals also have an employee feedback section. This section contains the employee’s most important accomplishments on the job, weakest job performance areas, areas in need of improvement, and other work concerns they would like to discuss. It also provides the date scheduled for the next review and the areas targeted for improvement.

Health Care Jobs in the USA

There are many unfair office practices that companies usually overlook and one of these is employment discrimination. This prejudicial act is prohibited by the U.S. Federal Law, and employers who practice this crime are liable to financial penalties. Employers should be aware that employment discrimination involves a big deal of punishment to those who offend this law.

As stated by the U.S. Federal Law, here are some of the circumstances as to when employment discrimination could take place:

- During hiring of employees

- Upon termination of employees' contracts

- During recruitment and training of employees

- Whenever there are company promotions

- In terms of compensation and other forms of remuneration

It is a must that all employers know everything about employment discrimination. Otherwise, they might do something that could cross the line and they could get penalized. Employers must be fully aware that even though they are in higher positions, they should also pay respect to their employee's rights. They must practice fair judgments and unbiased decisions at all times.

Here are some of the tips for the employers out there so they could check whether they are still practicing correct office etiquettes:

1. Employers must not look on the religion, nationality, age, sex, disability or race of their employees.

2. Employers must not participate in any investigations when employees report a complaint on possible employment discrimination. Employers must not take this personally and any judgments made must not be based on any other matter aside from the legal ones involved.

3. Employers must look on their employees capabilities and qualifications in making decisions such as termination or promotion otherwise if they judge employees based on age, sex, color, religion, national origin or disability, they would be penalized according to the US Federal Law.

4. Employers must not base any of their decisions according to employees' family background. The employees' family members must not take part or must not be the basis of any actions that employers make for the employee himself.

It will be a good practice for every company to provide more than enough knowledge not just to employers but to employees as well regarding employment discrimination. It should be made clear that no other factors could get into any business matters other than employers qualifications, rights and performances.

Employment discrimination is not rare, it is actually a big issue especially nowadays so it will be good for employees to get to know their companies more and be fully aware of the practices that go around the business. It is their obligation to know their rights so they would know how and when to defend themselves. On the employers' part, it is also their obligation to let the employees know the rules and regulations that the company runs and employers themselves must initiate or participate in these given rules.

Health care jobs in the USA are highly respected and considered prestigious since these offer excellent job stability, wonderful remuneration and above all, ensure total job satisfaction. Today, hundreds of health care jobs are available in almost all the states of the USA.
In the U.S healthcare industry, job opportunities are steadily increasing in various disciplines including occupational therapy, speech language pathology and physical therapy. The exponential rise in the aging population as well as the ever increasing health problems are the main factors contributing to job growth in the USA.
To make the most from healthcare jobs in USA, you need to have basic qualification in the corresponding professions. Qualified candidates can hold a variety of positions in medical services, mental health services and therapeutic services.
Health care jobs in USA are available in a multitude of facility centers and educational institutions such as rehab centers, child welfare organizations, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, public welfare offices, fitness centers and social service agencies. The healthcare industry offers you permanent and temporary jobs, travel assignments in different locations in the U.S, and long term and short term employments.
The healthcare jobs in the USA offer you the opportunity to take up research in the course of your career. Through counseling and service coordination, you can assist people with various health problems. Healthcare professionals in the field of therapy can work in a multitude of areas
o To help individuals of all age groups with emotional, mental and physical disabilities
o To improve the quality of life for senior citizens with highly complex health problems
o To develop healthy family systems
o To diagnose and treat rehabilitation of athletic injuries
Now, candidates can take advantage of the health care jobs in USA and ensure career advancement, and enhance their living standards. Looking for health care jobs in USA? Then browse the Internet to find the right jobs that offer better pay, and guarantee a bright future. You can easily identify top recruiters who bring employments and job seekers together and find you the best placement in the U.S healthcare industry.